Japanese cooking and fructose-free living

Japanese cuisine is an ingrained part of who I am, sugar free is how I choose to be.


    Would you like to learn more about Japanese food and the culture and philosophy that stands behind it? To welcome authentic home cooked food into your cooking repoertoire? I’m here to help. It’s a concept in the making, but my motivation comes from my love of cooking and my strong admiration for the attitude Japan has towards its food – a harmonious cocktail of obsession and reverence. I’m particularly keen to show people that Japanese food does in fact extend beyond the realms of sushi, miso soup and


    [insert protein of choice].
    In fact, my focus currently lies quite heavily on fermented foods and I offer a course on that very topic in collaboration with the lovely Laura Schälchli of

Sobre Mesa

    . We are now offering a course entirely on the topic of miso.

If you’d like to meet in person to chat, hop on over to the monthly Slow Food Youth gathering – I try my best to be there every month. Alternatively, you can contact me via E-mail anytime!



All food photos taken by the lovely Oksana Aymeric