Spain in 1800km

To anyone who has been kind and loyal enough to check back here over the last couple of weeks, thank you for your patience. I sincerely hope I’m not speaking into a black hole of no followers, but alas, that is the often intangibly lonely nature of blogging.

As you may have derived, I am back from a road trip across the North of Spain, a road trip that I would define as epic, in my own terms. I say this because, cliched as it may sound, there were some mind-opening and life-altering moments along the course of the 1800km we carried our bodies over. More on this in posts to come, I promise.

This is just a short post to alert people of my return and my way of explaining why they never got a postcard. When we finally get to the elusive moment in which technology surpasses all other forms of anything we currently do on a daily basis, I will conjure a digital postcard and send it out to anyone waiting for me to show signs of life. For now, seeing as my idea has not been pounced upon by Apple yet, and due to my sheer laziness when it comes to postcards of the paper variety, I will send you all a belated postcard in the form of the image below:

To whom it may be of interest,

I have had a wonderful time traversing across the Northern Coast of Spain in a Seat Ibiza with my trusty driver boyfriend. We consumed more white bread than I ever want to have to face again – we doused that bread in copious amounts of wine in a bid to lessen the guilt. The four provinces we crossed – Galicia, Asturias, the Basque Country and Catalonia – have treated us immensely well and I have successfully rolled my way back to Zurich with an immense urge to read some Hemingway.

Incidentally, while we did go to Pamplona for San Fermin, men in kilts being overturned by bulls were not on the agenda. I weep to this day over having missed out on this undoubtedly life changing incident.

The detailed updates on where we went, where we stayed, what we saw, whose wedding we crashed and which bull fought the hardest will be churned out slowly but surely in the next few days on this blog. Stay tuned, my friends.

Lots of love and post-holiday giddiness,

Christine xxx


  1. Hi Christine,

    Looking forward to hearing your experiences from the north of Spain.
    The 4 provinces you’ve been to are renowned for their tasty food, however I still prefer Andalucia or Extramadura personally.

    • Hi Pat,

      Thanks for stopping by!

      I have yet to see any other part of Spain, so I’m sure I’ll be in for a pleasant surprise when I get round to seeing Andalucia, but the food part is definitely spot on. I ate myself to exhaustion, digestion evolved from bodily function to proper challenge!

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