Kicking off the new blog

I used to have a great deal of content on the blog, but since I started it as a way to escape the suffocating ennui of a desk job, it was a bit of a hodge podge of random thoughts and extremely amateur illustrations. It served the purpose of providing entertainment for…mostly myself. It did a good job, too.

Now I want to establish a slightly more coherent thread throughout my content – to write about matters closer to my heart and stomach.

I’ll cover my thoughts on food, food ethics, food production, the philosophy of slow food and my discoveries pertaining to food as well as recipes and tips. Interspersed between the cascade of edible topics will be snippets of my day to day life in wee little Twann, “rurban” Switzerland.

With a baby very pressingly on the way, my thoughts often turn to the life I want to lead upon its raucous entrance, how to fit meaningful and engaging work around a wholesome family life, how I’ll feed my child and what philosophy and attitude I want impart, not just in relation to food.

As someone with mixed heritage who has led a fairly nomadic life thus far, grappling with my identity is akin to breathing now – it happens in the background and actually provides the fuel I require to move onwards and upwards. Now, as a soon-to-be mother who’s abandoned all semblance of a traditional career yet wants to stay abreast of her passions and channel them into an as yet undefined professional existence, the questions will be louder, deeper and more impactful. I’m sure many will be chronicled here.

We also have this new baby to keep us busy and for me to report on: