Reikalein, pronounced “rake-a-line”, was born when my friend discovered that sandwiched between “Christine” and “Syrad” hid a Japanese middle name for him to bastardise germanise. Since “-lein” is the suffix to denote diminutive beings, you might have guessed I’m not very big…

I have a healthy appetite though, so sometimes I wonder how I manage to stay relatively small.

My upbringing is to blame as I was born with two palates – a Japanese one and a, um, let’s say European one. British food is going through it’s “Spring” at the moment, but until that’s common knowledge and until Brexit is in full swing, I think I’ll use the EU card to my advantage.

Anyway, this aforementioned palate curation took place in Japan and the UK with a stint in northern Italy.

With a few more detours along the way I ended up in Zurich, Switzerland, in 2009. The short story is that there were no jobs in London then, the year I graduated. The long version includes ten additional words: I had no idea what to do with my life.

In fact, this sentiment continues to ring true but I’ve come to accept that this feeling will never go away. Anyone who knows me agrees that I spend far too much time with my head in the clouds while trying oh-so-dextrously to juggle the myriad of projects I’ve loaded onto my plate. It’s paid off, though. What has ended up staying in my focus, despite the centrifugal forces of multiple possibilities tugging my attention in every direction, is food. 

Not just any food and not any particular food group or culture. All means of sustainable food production tinged with traditional production methods and the values they embody is what I vote for with my fork. Hence my heavy involvement with the Slow Food Youth Network.

If you’re not bored of my internet voice yet, you’ll find me over at Spotted by Locals, where I write about my favourite places in Zurich.


En guete! Buon appetito! Enjoy!